Thursday, 30 September 2010

Do you think this blog needs a design overhaul? Celebrating Over a Year Blogging

So I've noticed that blogger now has some pretty cool template designs that you can easily switch to, which I've done for some of my other blogs. But, I've kinda grown attached to this template, after more than a years worth of blog posts.

Anyway I'd be interested to know what my readers think, (if they're still visiting my blog, I know I know I've been a bit slack on the updates last few months), so if you have any recommendations for which template designs I should use for my commode blog I'd love to hear from you. Put a comment and a link to your site, showing what design template you're currently using so I can get some ideas of how my blog could look!

Have a nice weekend!


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commodesrus said...

flattery will get you everywhere and your link published.

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